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George Calderon Hand Made Christmas Card – Playwright 1868

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  • DATE 1868-1915

  • Autograph George Calderon – Playwright

  • Description

    This is a most unusual and original old hand-made Christmas Card.
    It was Christmas 1901,
    and the eminent late 19th/early 20th century dramatist and playwright George Calderon (1868-1915) was desperate to entlce his reluctant mother to come downstairs and join-in the christmas festivities at their new home, Heathland Lodge, Hampstead, London.

    Being an artistic type, he decided to draw her a personal Christmas card.
    The scene shows a great hall with a large dining table groaning with Christmas food and wine, with guests waiting to great her. The red carpet is laid out, three servants are bent under the weight of large steaming platters and footmen are playing a fanfare.

    The legend on the front of the card reads “A Merry christmas” “None but the brave deserve the fare; Be brave today: Come down the stair”

    Lightly written in pencil underneath “A Merry Christmas” is “1901 by George calderon”
    On the back is written in pencil
    “A christmas card drawn by G.c. to try to persuade my mother to come down to Christmas dinner – Our first Christmas at Heathland Lodge 1901 Hampstead.
    An unusual and evocative card, hand drawn by a famous Dramatist and playwright and obviously also a talented artist/cartoonist.

    It measures about 7 inches by 5 inches and is in good vintage condition as per the scans.
    Genuine & one-off old item for the collectors


    V Good,lcr,yellowed,

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    Theatre Memorabilia

    Theatre Memorabilia

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