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L S Lowry Sketch Drawing of a Street Scene

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A really old L S Lowry pencil sketch drawing.

A beautiful pencil drawing of a street scene.

undated, and framed in an old metal/wood frame.

A delightful small sketch, on stiff card, and nicely framed, signed autographed.

There is no writing on the rear, we checked.

The size is 3″ X 5″

A Genuine drawing, NOT a print, but we have no provenance!

This art work was part of a large collection purchased by us in one lot from the same person/collector, with lots of different artists are listed here to see. They are all just as we bought them, no frames, and no alterations, just as is.

We tried to get the Lowry pictures authenticated, but the dealer we took them to said they are really good, they see a lot of fakes, but they could not be 100% certain that they are genuine, so in this case they had to say no. This does not mean they are not genuine though, far from it, just one persons opinion. The Lowry Centre in Salford does not even look at peoples pictures, so we gave up. You may well find that these are genuine by the artist, and good luck, but we have run out of time to look around.

So these pictures are being sold as not genuine to be safe, it’s your decision, you may well get a genuine masterpiece, or not. We have priced them extremely low, you may make thousands if they are real, or add to your collection at just a fraction of the price. Some of these items have reference numbers on the rear (could be gallery display numbers), some have NFS and some even have old prices on the rear as if offered for sale in a gallery.
Again we state it is your choice to decide, we are not selling these as genuine, no returns, sorry.


V Good,vlcr,the old frame has a few age marks,

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